Can Anonymous Really Kill Facebook?

Facebook is the dominate social network out there with over 1 billion users and growing and it is one of the largest web properties but will it survive in the fast changing environment?

We already discussed what Google+ should do to overtake the Facebook as the leading social network but can someone really kill Facebook as we know it today?

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Since Facebook is growing organically and they are not investing a lot in the marketing then it is very hard to stop such services from growth because people are there because other are there or just because the service is great. Such organically growing companies and websites are very hard to sop from growing unless they make some fundamental mistakes like MySpace and Digg and did some time ago. Facebook is working one one huge and fundamental mistake right now so we can expect many complaints about this service.

Facebook is pushing out sponsored posts and every company and individual can promote their status updates to get more impressions and maybe some more likes and shares. This will create a huge money making machine for Facebook but it will destroy user experience. People on Facebook are for communication and interaction with their friends but why should this communication should be filled with Facebook promoted posts. This will bring a greater visibility to company profiles but will leave friend status updates far behind these promoted statuses.

Facebook investors are pushing hard to make more money from Facebook and since it is 10 times less profitable than Google while generating similar number of page views they thing that they should make as much money as Google. The truth is that people on Google are there to look for information and buy things but Facebook is for communication but not for long. Greed is the reason why Facebook might fail. I am already sick of like/share activities in order to to win iPhone 5 or some other gadget but sponsored status updates are even worse.

There are already some complaints from Blog Maverick  and I expect many such complains in soon future. People hate ads but sponsored status updates are beyond that because your friends are left behind.

Huge companies can kill be killed by themselves and Facebook is already working one one such suicide attempt but only time will show how successful it will be. Many things are still in the user hands how much they will be willing to pay for promoted posts because only too much of these promoted post will kill Facebook. Personally I am already using Twitter a lot more because they care a bit more about users than Facebook but they are still behind Google+ which is the best network out there because of no ads but it lacks users and only mistakes by Facebook and Twitter can bring more users its way.

Have you considered to moving away from using Facebook or are you already using it much less than back in the days? How you see the future of social networks and what is going to be the next big thing?


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