Is Windows 8 the next Windows Vista?

Windows 8 is around for over few weeks now and opinions are different. Some day that Windows 8 is the best and most revolutionary thing that have happened to PC but others are very skeptical and calls it the next Windows Vista. So many opinions out there but most skeptical users are among those who are using Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Ubuntu for the most of the time making it unfair comparison.

windows 8 metro style

Like 80% of the technology bloggers out there uses OS X but the OS itself accounts for only 10% of the global OS market. Why? Most people are not interested in buying $2000 Apple computer if they can get one for $300-400 with almost the same specs. This is something not all tech bloggers understands because they use only high-end smartphones, laptops, tablets but the market for cheap devices is much bigger and will always be that way. Have you ever wondered why there are no statistics about dumb phone sales on Engaget or Techcrunch? They just don’t care about these devices but the truth is that these phones are widely popular and there are billions of them in India, China and elsewhere but no one cares.

Windows 8 is a great OS and you are Windows user like to get used to new things it is a must have upgrade. It is much faster, lighter ands works perfectly on older machines. It works better if you have a large touchpad or touchscreen but you can live without it if you are willing to learn some few keyword shortcuts to improve your user experience. You can still get things done using mouse but it is so much faster with keyword shortcuts.

Will Windows 8 become the next Vista? It will sell better than Vista because Vista caused problems with security and was slow but Windows 8 is nearly perfect when it comes to security and performance. There are many things that feels unfinished or unpolished in the Windows 8 but since Steven Sinofsky is out we can expect faster development cycles so these things will get fixed very fast. I wouldn’t be surprised that we will see a massive Service Pack from Microsoft within next few months to fix these quirks.

Windows 8 most likely will not outsell Windows 7 because Windows market is very slow to adopt and no one is interested in upgrading their OS unless they buy a new computer. Mac OS X and iOS users are following each and every update but Windows is different because they are not power users and it will take a decade to chance people habits. Windows 8 is the first major step into this but it will take at least up to Windows 10 to convince people to upgrade to the latest OS. We need to replace an entire generation because Windows  users never upgrade or update their OS. I am not talking about all but about the majority of the Windows users.

Another example pointed out by Monday Note is that people are switching to Apple but in reality they are not going to because it is so much more expensive. Author claims that most and most people decides to switch to iOS but i can’t imagine anyone working on iOS devices because people does most of the work in Word and Excel and do a lot of copy/paste but this is something you can’t do on iOS. In theory you can but in reality it sucks.

Windows 8 is here to stay but most likely Microsoft is already working on the Windows 9 and a Service Pack for Windows 8 to make some things right but you will still have to learn those keyboard shortcuts to use your Windows device to fullest.


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